Security threats and challenges of modern world.
Law and political dimension.

25-26 November 2021

Fundacja Prowadzenia Badań Naukowych in cooperation with Rzeszów University of Technology


The 2nd International Conference Dilemmas of contemporary defense and security of the Republic of Poland

In 2018, FBPN was a co-organizer of the 2nd International Conference on DILEMMAS OF CONTEMPORARY DEFENSE AND SECURITY of the Republic of Poland at the Military University of Technology on 12/04/2018 The aim of the conference was to integrate the scientific community in terms of developing common views on trying to identify current threats to state security and potential and real possibilities of counteracting them, aimed at building the desired state of security and defense of the Republic of Poland . These issues will be considered interdisciplinary, based on the presentation of scientific research results, in the context of geopolitical, non-military conditions, taking into account the importance of using new technologies for the development of the art of war.

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